Healthy Eats: The Lawn






Headed to The Lawn seeking for a healthy lunch a few days ago. It is a casual alfresco diner that serves DIY salad and grill bar where you make your order and payment at the counter. You tick the items you want off an order chit which guides you through a simple step-by-step process to pick your base (salad or rice), grill (optional, but features a variety of 12 meats and seafoods ranging from $2-4), toppings (you get to pick 5 from 28 available toppings when you choose the salad option), and a home-made dressing (a variety of 11 to pick from). As we were early (before 1145am), we also received a complimentary shot of creamy vegetable soup. Early bird catches the worm :D

Salad Option

As I eat several meals a day, I try to space out my carb intake through the day, so I went for the salad base with couscous (topping). For toppings, I also went with part veg, part fruits. I looove grills paired with the sweet tangy taste of pineapple. IT was perfect. I topped it off with the ‘Me So Spicy’ dressing, which was really surprisingly spicy. So please taste-test it before you pour it all over your salad.

Olive Rice Option

My mom went with the olive rice and prawns. When you choose olive rice, you choose the grill, but you skip the 5 toppings. My mom couldn’t stop raving how delicious and fresh the prawns were. She loved the dressings so much that she even da-paoed the remaining dressings. Later that night, we had them as dips for cut veg and rice cracker. :P

All in all, I loved how the food were colourful, and so aplenty that it kept me filled up for several hours (trust me, I need a lot to feel full) and I am pretty excited for the next time I’ll be back there to try their other grills and sauces.

Anyway sidenote guys, this is my first blogpost in eons (nearly 2 years, seriously where did the time go??). Hope you guys like it, and please comment below to say hi!


The Lawn @ Biopolis

31 Biopolis Way

#01-07, Nanos


+65 64789739

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday

11:00am – 09:00pm (Last order at 8.15pm)


11:00am – 04:00pm (Last order at 3.15pm)


If you drive:

Read This, The nearest car park is at Nanos. The entrance is found along North Buona Vista Drive, on the right side after MOE & Metropolis buildings. Within the carpark, the closest lift lobby to The Lawn is in the blue section. When you get out of the lift, don’t be shocked by the biohazard signs everywhere. Just navigate yourself to the entrance of the building, and then you should be able to see the place.



Day 3 Workout Shoulders/Triceps

So I blogged yesterday that I thought I did not work myself hard enough? I’m totally wrong, and I am totally aching right now. Today’s gym day targeted my shoulders and triceps but I don’t think I pushed hard enough today because I am really exhausted from gyming 2 days in a row. Well, good thing is my break day is tomorrow!

Here is my workout routine for my shoulders/triceps.

girly gets fit shoulder tricep 1

And… read on for my day in food and food preparation tips! :D

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It has been a really long time since I last blogged! And unfortunately, this also meant that I am not on track with my fitness goals. My health took a dip, and my life has been quite stressful for the past few weeks and I became either too physically drained or emotionally-charged to work out or blog.

Anyway, I decided I should put my foot down and begin exercising proper again. I have began easing myself into working out intensely again (hopefully 4-5 times a week at some point) by hitting the gym at least twice a week for the past two weeks. Meanwhile, I have been doing a bit of meal-planning and workout-planning so that going to the gym and eating right would be more of a habit and routine and less of a hassle! I am determined to reach my goal figure by the end of this 12 weeks (it’s now or neverrr!!!).  I plan to document my journey here so do leave comments if you are on your fitness journey as well and it would be awesome if we can give each other support!

How do I fit Chicken Rice in my clean diet?



Chicken rice is undisputedly the national dish of Singapore given its popularity with locals and tourists alike. It is a common and inexpensive dish found in many hawker centres and food courts, although it’s occasionally served in restaurants boasting local cuisines as well.

And yessss, I look forward to a yummy plate of chicken rice at least once a week. Chicken rice?! How does it fit in my diet? Well, chicken is a great source of protein, although this dish in its typical form contains a lot of fat. According to the nutrient profile I grabbed off the Health Promotion Board, a plate of chicken rice with roasted chicken contains 607 Cal, 25g of Protein, 75g Carbs, and 23g of Fat. That’s a lot of carbs and fats in one serving. Oops, not so clean after all!

This dish typically consist of a portion chicken (roasted or poached) liberally doused with sesame oil, and sitting atop savory and fragrant ‘oily’ rice. It is usually served with tangy chilli sauce, ginger sauce, and a dark soy sauce that is a tad sweet. Customers can also order extra items such as hard-boiled eggs and chicken gizzards.

So how on earth do I fit it in my diet? I make some simple modifications to the meal.

First, I would choose breast meat over other cuts of meat. Although undifferentiated in the HPB nutrient profile, ordering different parts of the chicken actually yield different calorie content. A chicken contains both dark and white meats. Dark meats are generally found in the leg and back regions, while the white meat is found in the chest area. Dark meats contain 2.64 times more saturated fat than white meat. So choosing cuts like the breast meat would be less calorie-laden than thigh meat.

Second, I remove the skin off the chicken before eating in order to lessen the calorie and fat content of the meal. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, the caloric difference between a skinless chicken and a chicken with skin on is about 30-50 cal! That may not seem like a lot, but it adds up rather quickly so I try to not to.

Third, I would ask for a smaller serving of rice. I would typically eat about a fist-size of rice per carb-meal, which roughly translates to about 22-27g of carbs, depending on the type of rice I eat. As you can see from the HPB nutrient profile, Chicken Rice hawkers would serve more than twice the amount of carbs I would like to have per meal. If I want to further reduce the overall fat content of my meal, I would replace the fragrant ‘oily’ rice with white rice. It is a great option when I need a quick and cheap meal, yet reduce the fat.

Using these simple modifications, I can usually order twice the amount of chicken, getting in more protein while staying within my calorie budget. I would normally order two portions of chicken breast meat with lesser white rice (or fragrant rice, depending on the hawker and my mood). I estimate this meal to come to about 450 Cal, 50g Protein, 26g Carb, 16g Fat.

Too Long; Didn’t Read?
From 607 Cal, I turned it into a 450 Cal meal with more protein by:
(1) Choosing breast meat
(2) Eating the meat without the skin (or at least sparingly if I cannot resist)
(3) Asking for less rice (or even better, switching it up to white rice)



In case you were wondering, the photo of the chicken rice was taken at the Sin Kee Chicken Rice Stall located at Mei Ling Street Market & Food Centre (Address: Blk 159, Mei Ling Street, S140159). This corner stall is pretty big, occupying the space of two stalls, and they have a constant queue during lunch hour. Other than chicken rice, I noticed that they serve several ‘xiao cai’ (side dishes) as well. Most customers ordered ‘San Yu’ (raw fish with a dash of lime) and some stir-fried vegetables. I only eaten the chicken rice there so far because I love the substantial amount of meat I can get in for a $8.50 meal (refer to the first photo above!).

Also, get your boost of vitamin c from the lime juice sold at the drinks store just beside chicken rice store. I was pretty amazed by how generous they are with the limes!