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I hate that this is going to be it, but

The first week I felt like something was really off about me. My muscles were feeling sore for longer than usual, and I felt lethargic and grumpy all day and I generally felt depressed about how stagnant I was with my weights whenever I was at the gym that week. I got worried so I went to google up what could be happening, and I realised that I could possibly be overtrained. So the following week I forced myself to take it easy in the gym and stop pushing myself so hard. I also changed my diet slightly since I thought I did not have enough nutrients to support my lifestyle, and began eating more carbs. Then then the third week came along, and bam I was knocked out with stomach flu and flu for a week and a half, and was incapacitated in bed for half that duration. I rested till the end of the week and then I was plunged deeper into a personal crisis that meant that I could not go to do my masters (as planned). I deferred successfully (thank you kind australian university for your sympathies). And here I am… far from what I was 8 weeeks ago when I was on my way to fitdom. I fell sick and lost a lot of weight, and then I got awfully stressed and devoured my way through tons of chocolate, chinese new year cookies, and marks and spencer cookies.

But today I will stop, and I will try to get my life back in order. Fitness-wise, I have been absolutely stagnant. This 8-week hiatus really threw me off track with the progress I made last year as I found out yesterday in the gym. I’m a lot less strong as I could only lift the weights I did when I first started a year ago, and I tire very easily during my work out. Well, anyway, I will try to document in this blog my climb up again from ‘zero’. I would love for anybody who is on their workout journey to leave a comment so we can give each other moral support!


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