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Healthy Eats: The Lawn






Headed to The Lawn seeking for a healthy lunch a few days ago. It is a casual alfresco diner that serves DIY salad and grill bar where you make your order and payment at the counter. You tick the items you want off an order chit which guides you through a simple step-by-step process to pick your base (salad or rice), grill (optional, but features a variety of 12 meats and seafoods ranging from $2-4), toppings (you get to pick 5 from 28 available toppings when you choose the salad option), and a home-made dressing (a variety of 11 to pick from). As we were early (before 1145am), we also received a complimentary shot of creamy vegetable soup. Early bird catches the worm :D

Salad Option

As I eat several meals a day, I try to space out my carb intake through the day, so I went for the salad base with couscous (topping). For toppings, I also went with part veg, part fruits. I looove grills paired with the sweet tangy taste of pineapple. IT was perfect. I topped it off with the ‘Me So Spicy’ dressing, which was really surprisingly spicy. So please taste-test it before you pour it all over your salad.

Olive Rice Option

My mom went with the olive rice and prawns. When you choose olive rice, you choose the grill, but you skip the 5 toppings. My mom couldn’t stop raving how delicious and fresh the prawns were. She loved the dressings so much that she even da-paoed the remaining dressings. Later that night, we had them as dips for cut veg and rice cracker. :P

All in all, I loved how the food were colourful, and so aplenty that it kept me filled up for several hours (trust me, I need a lot to feel full) and I am pretty excited for the next time I’ll be back there to try their other grills and sauces.

Anyway sidenote guys, this is my first blogpost in eons (nearly 2 years, seriously where did the time go??). Hope you guys like it, and please comment below to say hi!


The Lawn @ Biopolis


31 Biopolis Way

#01-07, Nanos


+65 64789739

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday

11:00am – 09:00pm (Last order at 8.15pm)


11:00am – 04:00pm (Last order at 3.15pm)


If you drive:

Read This, The nearest car park is at Nanos. The entrance is found along North Buona Vista Drive, on the right side after MOE & Metropolis buildings. Within the carpark, the closest lift lobby to The Lawn is in the blue section. When you get out of the lift, don’t be shocked by the biohazard signs everywhere. Just navigate yourself to the entrance of the building, and then you should be able to see the place.



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