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My diet for the past few days

Here are the foods I have eaten in the past few days. It’s not a very comprehensive list since I’m not documenting every single thing I eat. Sometimes I just forget! Nonetheless, this list already looks quite crazy, but hey I manage to lose body fat on this diet late last year. Nuts, I know. I will try to update more often, so that my food list does not look so crazy each time I post.

girlygetsfit chicken meatloafThursday Breakfast: Breakfast ‘Burger’ made of reheated Minced Pork/Chicken Mini Meatloaf sliced up and placed between a multigrain bun with onion dip as a spread. Lots of salad too :D The meatball is surprisingly moist and delicious even though it’s 3 days since I put in the fridge. Definitely worth re-making.

girlygetsfit vietnamese fish noodle soup

Thursday Lunch: Vietnamese food at Wrap and Roll. I love vietnamese food because they make use of so many herbs and leaves to make their soups and wraps so delicious. I chose fish soup because fish provides a lot of protein and is relatively low-fat. girlygetsfit grilled beef on lemongrassThursday Lunch: Grilled beef on lemongrass sticks. My gym partner decided that there was not enough protein in the fish soup, so he ordered a additional dish for us to share. This dish is usually eaten on its own, and diners can create their own vietnamese roll using the rice paper, a little rice noodle, the assortment of leaves and herbs, a slice of starfruit, a slice of beef, and the special sweet tasty sauce. It’s so simple but so tasty. mmm.

girlygetsfit local meal singapore

Thursday Dinner: Lightly fried saba fish, and two vegetable dishes and delicious chilli sauce were the main dishes in my grandma house. This is a typical spread of dishes found in local homes in Singapore. My grandma usually likes to cook one meat dish, with two vegetable dishes that is served with rice and soup. I usually skip the rice, and just fill up on the meat and vegetables during dinner. We had a not-so-typical soup that evening though. 

girlygetsfit brocolli chicken soup

Thursday Dinner: My aunt decided to blend broccoli to make soup with shredded chicken breast added to it. It’s unusual since most days we drink clear chinese soups that is healthier and does not contain any thickening agents. But the chicken breast was great for me, because more lean meat is better for my diet! :D

girlygetsfit egg omelette rolls

Friday Breakfast: Egg rolls on salad and multi-grain bun on the side. Tried making Japanese Tomago, but I think I failed so I rolled it up anyway. It does look quite pretty and really good to eat though. 

girlygetsfit steam silver promfret

Friday Lunch: Brown rice and steamed silver promfret.

girlygetsfit stirfry lean pork

We also ate stir-fried lean pork that was marinaded since morning. It is absolutely delicious and I think this will become a staple. It reminds me of the vietnamese grilled meat that I love but is significantly less fatty and sweet. Also, it is so simple to prepare and cook.

girlygetsfit protein pancakes

Sunday breakfast: I made protein pancakes using a recipe found at proteinpow.com. This is my second attempt at a protein pancake recipe from Anna (of proteinpow.com). I used her other recipe (containing sweet potatoes), and it was quite inedible :( This time is slightly more successful, and I finished half a stack on my own although it got progressively dryer and harder to eat. I modified her recipe slightly to fit the ingredients I had on hand, exchanging coconut flour for soya flour. I’ll try another recipe next time. Anyway, I must say that cooking with protein powder is very tricky, and my end-products always taste and look far from perfect pancakes. Are real fluffy protein pancakes just unicorns?

girlygetsfit the big bird chickenSunday Lunch: Half a white chicken from The Big Bird (Balmoral Plaza) for protein. The chilli here is fantastic and is the main reason why I keep going back. But the prices are nuts… 22 dollars for half a chicken? :(

girlygetsfit the big bird seafood mee sua

Sunday Lunch: Seafood mee sua from The Big Bird. This bowl is glorious, and it is the only thing I’ve eaten so far that I think does not do anything for my diet. Call this my cheat meal then. According to my gym partner, it’s like the ramen of mee suas. The broth is so unimaginably thick and yummy. Please, I wouldn’t ever want to know how they made it. 

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