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Day 3 Workout Shoulders/Triceps

So I blogged yesterday that I thought I did not work myself hard enough? I’m totally wrong, and I am totally aching right now. Today’s gym day targeted my shoulders and triceps but I don’t think I pushed hard enough today because I am really exhausted from gyming 2 days in a row. Well, good thing is my break day is tomorrow!

Here is my workout routine for my shoulders/triceps.

girly gets fit shoulder tricep 1

And… read on for my day in food and food preparation tips! :D

girlygetsfit breakfast 1

Woke up early again to make breakfast, I’m really learning more and more about cooking! Anyhow, a high protein breakfast made up of whole foods is really satisfying :D The only problem is that making everything from scratch would be time-consuming. A time-saver tip is being able to refresh some leftover roast chicken to add to my platter. Can you recognise that I used the same chicken for yesterday’s breakfast too? Yes, I disguised with a sprinkle of tumeric powder #leftoversftw 

girlygetsfit green juice 1

Green smoothie made by my dearest aunt. I am not exactly a veggie fan (but I’m trying!), but her green juice is always so easy to drink and one of the few green things I actually look forward to! It contains that special hint of sweetness, and spiciness which makes it so fab! Her little secret is adding a little dried cranberry for sweetness and some ginger slices for spiciness and that makes her spinach so easy to drink :D Mmmmm yummy!

girlygetsfit belachan fish marinade 1Food safety note! Always handle raw meats and veggies separately with different knives and chopping boards to prevent food poisoning! Okay, what’s going on in this picture? Lunch-time experimentation with unique marinades!

girlygetsfit belachan marinade fish 2

My gym partner marinated the fish with a little olive oil, a dash of lime, a shredded lime leaf, chilli padi with the special ingredient…. dried belachan! The belachan marinade developed into such a beautiful smell when the fish was lightly fried on the pan (with very little oil!). The finished product  was pretty tasty but on hindsight, the texture would have been more crisp if the fish was sliced thinner. We’ll probably try that the next time! We ate the fish with brown rice and veggies :D Yummeh.

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