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Ass Motivation and Day 2 Workout: Ham/Glutes

Today was booty day! Oops, it’s not booty call okay, it was all about working my glutes at the gym! Yes, the right terminology for ass is ‘glutes’ when you’re in the gym. Here’s an ‘ass-pire’ board I put together to motivate!!

girlygetsfit asspire boardClockwise from top right corner: Stephanie Buckland, Ana Delia, Jessica Arevalo, Christina Halkiopoulos, Alice Matos, Stephanie Davis, Michelle Lewin.

So here’s my workout for today! I don’t know whether I’m working it hard enough for my butt to pop out yet but it’s a start!

girlygetsfit hamglutes 1

The bridges exercise was supposed to be hip thrust, which I absolutely love because I actually feel the burn. But I go to a mixed gender gym so I feel really really self-conscious sometimes. I mean.. Just look at the exercise.

glute workout*Cue stares from EVERYONE (picture from here)

I did one-leg bridges on the stability ball at the personal training section of the gym which was a lot quieter. :D Can’t run away from it forever though, need to figure out a good way to work my glutes!

Okay, just some snippets from my day!

girlygetsfit breakfast 1

Woke up to make breakfast this morning instead of having my lazy protein shake and slice of toast. This is around the same nutrition profile but kept me filled up for much longer! It did take me around 20 minutes to prepare though. :X

girlygetsfit soup restaurant samsui chickenSamsui Ginger Chicken at Soup Restaurant for lunch. It is protein-heaven for anyone who is forced to leave the comfort of their standard meals for a get-together with others. Half a chicken is reasonably priced, it is semi-clean, served with really really tasty ginger sauce, comes with fresh crispy lettuce on the side, and it is one of their popular dishes so it makes it easy to convince friends/family to place it in the order.

girlygetsfit nutrifirst haul

Supplies from Nutrifirst is here! :D In addition to the 10lb chocolate whey (which is Optimum Nutrition’s best flavour really), I convinced my gym partner to get a smaller bottle of vanilla whey so that we can have a little variation and I can make non-chocolate protein pancakes! I made a vanilla banana macadamia soft-serve for post-workout just now, and I am in loveee. I froze half for my post-workout tomorrow and hopefully it turns out as good as ice-cream! :D:D:D

girlygetsfit pump hdThird pre-workout I have tried so far, but first pre-workout I have taken in the past 8 weeks. Trying this out because of good reviews and because it’s a new product, but I’m not convinced yet. Well, a plus-point is that it does not make me nauseas. So I’ll test it out a little longer and tell you what I think.

girlygetsfit teensy frog

Teensy froggy. hehe. My little cousin caught this cute little thing after school today and made a little ‘terrarium’ for it. This tiny frog leaps big though. It managed to escape the tall walls of the container, but my cousin subdued it in time before it leapt off the counter to pretty certain death. It’s now safely back in its terrarium, and most likely be set free tomorrow.¬†

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