Week 2 Day 1 & How I keep track of my progress

Back and biceps workout today based on the workout plan I did last week (see here). I felt slightly stronger during my workouts and this made me feel like I’m slowly regaining my strength, and it feels really good. Although from past experience, I know that my back is my weakest point mostly because I have no idea where it is, so I fail to engage it properly, and any progress I make, I attribute to the strength of my arms. Anyway, I hope that this time round I will be able to surpass my previous progress and be able to do at least 2 unassisted pull-ups!!! Bicep workout was a breeze this week and I think that I will be able to up the weight next week! YAY!

Also, I  decided to keep track of my personal statistics to keep track of my progress in my journey. Doing so will allow me to make make adjustments if I am not seeing the changes I want. I am doing this by using a measuring tape, and a weighing scale that measures body fat as well.

girlygetsfit bodybuilding measuring tape

The measuring tape I use is from bodybuilding.com. Its really handy for measuring bodies because of two characteristics. It has plastic bit tail that goes onto the slot in the measuring tape, so you can let it loop around any body part without having to hold it together. Also, the tape stops at every 1.5 inch released from the measuring tape, and would only reel back when you press the star button. So when I want to measure a body part, let’s say my bicep. I just pull the measuring tape out loosely and slot it into the end. Then I put my arm through the loop I created and then I press the star to tighten the loop. I can either read the measurement like this or I release the plastic bit (without pulling more tape out). Nutrition park in Singapore was also giving out this measuring tape with every purchase last year. I have so many of it but I like to use the bodybuilding.com because it’s bigger so it has a better grip.

girlygetsfit omron bodyfat weighing machine

The weighing machine I use is quite fancy-pants and I use it at my aunt’s house. It is the Omron Karada Scan HBF-375 Body Fat Analyzer.  It functions as a normal weighing machine, but it can also measure your body fat if you input some personal statistics in such as your age, height and gender. After that, it is really quite easy to use. I just step on it, and pull out the handlebars (on the top of the weighing machine) and hold it while it analyses my body fat. After that, I just have to click the ‘Display Set’ button in order to scroll through my weight, my body fat percentage, BMI, my resting metabolism etc. If you click the ‘area check’ button, it shows the subcutaneous fat and skeletal muscles in various parts of your body (e.g. trunk, arms, legs). I used it on and off last year, and I’m proud to say that my body fat, body age and visceral fat has dropped ever since I began working out. This machine uses bio-impedance analysis in order to measure the body fat which may not be the most accurate way, but it should display fairly consistent results. So any drop in body fat percentage should be more or less trustworthy! I will start measuring myself weekly!

I currently am at 21.9% of fat, which looks quite different on a chart I found online.

body-fat-percentage-women(Img src)

That body must be at 20% body fat, not 22% (where I am at). I say that because I have all sort of muffin top going on and it’s fun to flick at my fluffy bits now because it wobbles so much! My aim is to get myself down to at least 15% body fat. Gambatte!


My diet for the past few days

Here are the foods I have eaten in the past few days. It’s not a very comprehensive list since I’m not documenting every single thing I eat. Sometimes I just forget! Nonetheless, this list already looks quite crazy, but hey I manage to lose body fat on this diet late last year. Nuts, I know. I will try to update more often, so that my food list does not look so crazy each time I post.

girlygetsfit chicken meatloafThursday Breakfast: Breakfast ‘Burger’ made of reheated Minced Pork/Chicken Mini Meatloaf sliced up and placed between a multigrain bun with onion dip as a spread. Lots of salad too :D The meatball is surprisingly moist and delicious even though it’s 3 days since I put in the fridge. Definitely worth re-making.

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Day 4 Workout: Legs/Calves

Here is my workout for Day 4. Oh LEGS AGAIN?! Yes, out of my 4 day gym plan, I have decided to work on my legs twice a week because I have small legs and doing legs just give me such an awesome workout! Also, I work on my legs twice because I wanted to work the two major groups of leg muscles separately, namely my quads and my glute/hammies. What’s the difference? The quads (or quadriceps) are the group of leg muscles above the knee that faces the front. The hammies (or hamstrings) are the leg muscles above the knee, below the glutes, facing the rear of the body!

Here is a photo to better ‘see’ what I’m talking about:


(photo source)

On Day 2, I focussed on mainly the leg muscles facing the rear, hence my glutes and hammies. Yesterday, I worked on the leg muscles mostly facing the front, namely the quads. And also my calves because they get sore easily so I try to work it only on the last day of the gym schedule :D

Here is my workout:

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Day 3 Workout Shoulders/Triceps

So I blogged yesterday that I thought I did not work myself hard enough? I’m totally wrong, and I am totally aching right now. Today’s gym day targeted my shoulders and triceps but I don’t think I pushed hard enough today because I am really exhausted from gyming 2 days in a row. Well, good thing is my break day is tomorrow!

Here is my workout routine for my shoulders/triceps.

girly gets fit shoulder tricep 1

And… read on for my day in food and food preparation tips! :D

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Ass Motivation and Day 2 Workout: Ham/Glutes

Today was booty day! Oops, it’s not booty call okay, it was all about working my glutes at the gym! Yes, the right terminology for ass is ‘glutes’ when you’re in the gym. Here’s an ‘ass-pire’ board I put together to motivate!!

girlygetsfit asspire boardClockwise from top right corner: Stephanie Buckland, Ana Delia, Jessica Arevalo, Christina Halkiopoulos, Alice Matos, Stephanie Davis, Michelle Lewin.

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It has been a really long time since I last blogged! And unfortunately, this also meant that I am not on track with my fitness goals. My health took a dip, and my life has been quite stressful for the past few weeks and I became either too physically drained or emotionally-charged to work out or blog.

Anyway, I decided I should put my foot down and begin exercising proper again. I have began easing myself into working out intensely again (hopefully 4-5 times a week at some point) by hitting the gym at least twice a week for the past two weeks. Meanwhile, I have been doing a bit of meal-planning and workout-planning so that going to the gym and eating right would be more of a habit and routine and less of a hassle! I am determined to reach my goal figure by the end of this 12 weeks (it’s now or neverrr!!!).  I plan to document my journey here so do leave comments if you are on your fitness journey as well and it would be awesome if we can give each other support!