Celebrity-spotting: Renee Zellwegger and Gordan Ramsey

Celebrities getting more than just in shape, they are also getting fit by working out. I thought it’s nice to kinda learn about what they do, and it’s not surprising that they put in a lot a lot of work into their diet and exercises in order to look good.

Renee Zellwegger

Zellwegger was recently in the limelight for doing something to her face, as well as for looking painfully skinny. I thought it was unfair that the only showed photos of her face and not the rest of her figure.



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Looking and feeling older than you really are? You could just be dehydrated – read more here.

I just saw this amazing article about how drinking the recommended amount of water has helped Sarah Smith look and feel younger. Her diary-like article details the little adjustments she made to her lifestyle in order to increase her water intake for 4 weeks, and the difference it made to her appearance and mood. I quickly found two things particularly fascinating: (1)  the importance of drinking adequate amounts of water, and (2) how easily we overlook this and unknowingly abuse our own bodies!


(image source)

As you can see from the before and after pictures, drinking more water led to an improvement in the texture of Sarah’s skin as the wrinkles became less obvious. Also, her overall complexion improved as her skin tone became less blotchy. These changes made her look drastically younger. Dehydration had caused her skin to lose its elasticity and appear more shrivelled and wrinkled. With adequate hydration, Sarah’s complexion became more dewy, plump and clear.

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Where to buy Chia Seeds in Singapore?

chia-seedsImage Source

Chia seeds are a pretty awesome supplement to any diet as the tiny black seeds are super nutrient dense and convenient to consume. Just a tiny amount packs healthy omega-3 fats, dietary fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. It is also great for dieters because of its ability to suppress appetite, and regulate blood sugar. It’s usefulness does not stop there, chia seeds form a gel when mixed with liquid and can be used to replace eggs in recipes, or as a thickening agent in soups and sauces. Furthermore, it is convenient to consume since its flaxseed superfood equivalent needs to be grounded up before it becomes readily available for the body.

Chia seeds are tasteless on its own, making it versatile to add to other foods. It absorbs the flavour of the liquid you put it in. You could easily add them to smoothies, salads, and yoghurts. It also can serve as an egg-replacement when made into a gelatine-like substance. Since it’s high in fats, some people may use it to replace butter. I usually add two tablespoons into my breakfast protein shakes to get my fats, dietary fibre, and to thicken up my shake. BTW, it does not expand right away so I would either have to wait about 10 minutes or what I like to do is to prepare my shakes the night in advance just so that it gives time for the chia seeds to to become nice and fluffy when I drink it in the morning. My mom likes to eat her chia seeds in hot milo while my dad uses it to top his yoghurt. Awesome!

If you want to learn more, here are 10 awesome uses for chia seeds.

Chia seeds from the supermarket

I thought I would share some of the different brands of chia seeds I found on my trip to Jasons Market (Ion) recently. They have three brands of chia seeds: Bob’s Red Mill, Simply Natural, and Nutiva. If you are curious, I purchased Nutiva because it was cheaper for its net weight. And I liked how it came in different forms: original (black), white, and milled. The different forms have the same benefits, so the deciding factor is really personal preference.

girlygetsfit jasons grocer

girlygetsfit nutiva chia seeds

girlygetsfit chia seeds

Chia Seeds online

I recently too bought Chia seeds from an online local shop, BGO Ecoshop. At its original price, it is slightly more expensive than Nutiva brand found at Jasons market. However, if you check out their bundle offer, you can get two 500g bags cheaper with more convenience.  I also appreciated their quick and efficient service. I made my purchase on a Sunday night, and my payment was immediately processed the very next morning, and delivered within 3 working days (Thursday morning)! The package I received was wrapped in bubble wrap (awesome!) and included a personal note written on the invoice, thanking me for my purchase. I thought that was really sweet, and I would definitely purchase from them again.

girlygetsfit organic chia seeds

Here are some other places that you can get hold of Chia Seeds in Singapore

- Supermarkets

  • Fair Price NTUC ( I haven’t seen it for myself, but I read in an online forum that it is possible. Perhaps check out the bigger fair price outlets)

- Online shops

  • Iherb – note that Iherb is shipped from the US and you would have to account shipping fees.

- Organic Food Shops

  • Four Seasons Organic Market – may be the cheapest way to get chia seeds so far, since I read in a forum that a customer bought chia seeds 1kg for $47.80.

- Supplement Stores

  • GNC – unconfirmed because I could only find chia seeds from its US website, not Singapore.

Do you add chia seeds to your daily diet? Did I miss any places that you can get chia seeds?


21/3/2014 - I found chia seeds going at SGD14.80 (340g) on qoo10.sg, who knew?! Qoo10.sg is really such a treasure, I should do a post soon about the randomest stuff I buy from them because it’s always so affordable!! That place is so bad for shopaholics!

11/7/2015 – Live and breathe super foods? You may want to check out www.superlife.co because they ensure bundles of premium grade chia seeds and quinoa land at the convenience of your doorstep every month! Otherwise, you can also purchase the chia seeds in 150g or 500g packages.